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Active projects

in collaboration with the Apulian Academy of Sciences. Hiroshima Peace Trees are 170 «A-Bombed Trees», called in japanese «Hibakujumoku», also said «survivor trees» whose
The Fever Apuliae Project is conducting a study on the Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF), a genetic disease in populations living in the Mediterranean basin.
CMU Spin-off
CMU, University of Bari, DAISY-net Ltd, CUPERSAFETY Ltd

Past projects

Conservation of Endemic RArities and Transborder Organism for Nature in Italy Organism for Nature of Italy and Albania- (Interreg IIIA IT/AL); 2000-2006; Leader Partner
MEDiterranean MYths and SEA – Programme Interreg III B ARCHIMED. Promotion of the Sustainable Tourism Development for the Identification and Improvement of Cultural Mediterranean
Interreg Adriatic Cross Border Programme “Training cooperation project between the Adriatic NGOs for the promotion of blood donation”

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