Peace Tree initiative

in collaboration with the Apulian Academy of Sciences. Hiroshima Peace Trees are 170 «A-Bombed Trees», called in japanese «Hibakujumoku», also said «survivor trees» whose name is a tribute to the fact that they surprisingly survived the bombing on August 6th 1945 although being located within a radius of 2 Km from the bomb hypocenter.

2007/2008: MED.MY.SEA Project

MEDiterranean MYths and SEA – Programme Interreg III B ARCHIMED. Promotion of the Sustainable Tourism Development for the Identification and Improvement of Cultural Mediterranean Resource

2007/2008: ADRIBLOOD

Interreg Adriatic Cross Border Programme “Training cooperation project between the Adriatic NGOs for the promotion of blood donation”

2007/2009: CERATONIA

Conservation of Endemic RArities and Transborder Organism for Nature in Italy Organism for Nature of Italy and Albania- (Interreg IIIA IT/AL); 2000-2006; Leader Partner

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