H.E.F.S.A. 2012/2013 – Health, Food Safety and Related Policies for the Mediterranean Area

First Level Master

“Health, food safety and related politics for the mediterranean area – HEFESA”

Duration: 1 year
ECTS: 60

“Health and Food Safety” has to provide a minimal protection from diseases and incorrect lifestyles.
Correct nutrition, deriving from the availability of food produced according to eco-sustainability and food adequately prepared and stored, is not only able to prevent the onset of pathological conditions, but also to promote a general good level of health.

The aim of the Master is to form professional figures with expertise in the fields of agriculture and biology-medicine, capable to: operate, in the Mediterranean area, in public and private Institutions, healthcare structures, agro-food sector, laboratories of analysis, farms; help Governors to modify regulations concerning: teaching and knowledge of the best practice of production, storage and utilization of agricultural and food products; relevance of pathologies related to malnutrition; analysis of feeding behaviours and food chains.

The Master is suitable for a wide range of people with different backgrounds and needs.

They are young post-graduate students with no working experience, specialists in related disciplines who wish to integrate their scientific knowledge and specialization, employees and managers from public and private healthcare structures, from Agriculture and Food Ministries, professional associations and agro-food industries.

Therefore, the Master provides a wide didactic offer, with a complete course of 60 ECTS and, in addition, three didactic modules for students interested to specific subjects: “Mediterranean Diet” (15,5 ECTS); “Quality of agricultural productions and food analysis” (15 ECTS); “Protection of agricultural products from biotic and abiotic agents” (13,5 ECTS).

The Course will be characterized by lectures, seminars, stages, and guided visits and will be held by Professors from Bari and Foggia University, Italy, with expertise in medical-biological and agrofood sectors.

Coordinator: Prof. Luigi Ricciardi
University of Bari “Aldo Moro”
Faculty of Agriculture Department of Soil, Plant and Food Science (Di.SSPA)
Tel.: +39 080 5443001
Email: luigi.ricciardi@uniba.it

Didactic place: Community of Mediterranean Universities – C. U. M.
Secretary: Tel.: +39 0805442479
Email: presidente@cum.uniba.it
Email: info@cmungo.eu

Organizing departments
Department of Soil, Plant and Food Science
Department of BioMedical Science and Human Oncology

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