December 10, 2022

CMU’s Council 2022

University of Vlora, Albania, Workshop on: “Impact of covid on the medical schools performance: case studies.

Chaired by: Proff. Cristina Robalo Cordeiro and Carlo Di Benedetta.

  • Prof. Enkelejt Mehilli: “The role of Vlora University during the COVID-19 pandemic. Evidence for policymakers”;
  • Prof. Piero Portincasa: “UNIBA & COVID: missing opportunities or cultural growth?”;
  • Prof. Massimo Guarascio: “Resilience, Risk, Sustainability…just trendy words or basic concepts for better future”;
  • Proff. Andrea Maliqari, Ismail Hoxha and Massimo Guarascio: “Territorial Resilience Educational Project: Natural and Anthropic Hazards”.

General discussion.


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