April 11, 2009

- April 12, 2009

CMU/EMUNI Partnership

The networks of European and Arabic Universities support the establishment of EMUNI

During April 11th and 12th, Center EMUNI organized a meeting with the presidents of university networks (both European and Arabic countries). In the framework of this event, a meeting addressing the issue of the establishment of EMUNI was carried out on Friday, April 11th – signing the Charter of the International Euro-Mediterranean University. The Charter will be mailed to partner institutions and university networks of the Euro-Mediterranean area by the end of April.

The meeting was performed at the University headquarters in Nova Gorica. In addition to the representatives of the university networks, and the representatives of Center EMUNI, the meeting was attended by the representatives of the government of the Republic of Slovenia: dr. Dušan Lesjak and Darinka Vre?ko from the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, dr. Andrej Rahten from the Office of the Prime Minister, Veronika Stabej from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Dr. Nada Trunk Širca, director of Center EMUNI, who was also the meeting moderator, presented the activities that are or will be performed in the year 2008/09 (press conferences, roundtables, international magazine publishment, summer school, implementation of post-graduate study programs that are already accredited by partner institutions).

Through these activities, Center EMUNI attempts to contribute to the establishment of the International Euro-Mediterranean University. All participants expressed their interest in the activities of Center EMUNI and supported the establishment of the Euro-Mediterranean University.

Prof. Notarstefano (CMU Delegate – Polo Euromediterraneo Jean Monnet) presented the activities that have been deployed in the last 20 years of CMU activity and proposed new projects of international cooperation for the mediterranean area (below photo)

On Saturday, April 12th, the representatives of the university networks visited the headquarters of Center EMUNI in Portorož, and the city Piran.

Furthermore, the participants expressed their support and enthusiasm regarding the Euro-Mediterranean University project with its headquarters in the Piran municipality.

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