October 25, 2011

36th session of the UNESCO General Conference

Paris, France 25/10/2011

The General Conference meets every two years. The participants are all the Member States and Associate Members; non-Member States, intergovernmental organizations and non-governmental organizations are invited as observers.The General Conference decides on the main lines of emphasis and general policy to the implementation of UNESCO’s work by:

  • discussing all the issues concerning the general policy of the Organization, and occasionally by focusing on certain major themes;
  • adopting a programme and budget for the next two years, the draft of which is submitted to the General Conference and is the outcome of a consultation process between the Member States and the Secretariat;
  • electing the Members of the Executive Board for a four-year term (renewed by half at each session);
  • appointing, every four years, the Director-General;
  • adopting (every six years) the Medium-Term Strategy of the Organization.

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