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NGO official partner of UNESCO (consultative status)

On September 6th 1983 convened by Prof. Luigi Ambrosi, at the time Rector of Bari’s University, in accordance with the motion of the conference on scientific cooperation among the Universities of the Mediterranean Sea, held in Bari May 19-24, 1982 Rectors from Syria, Greece, Turkey, France, Israel, Tunisia, Egypt, Malta, Montenegro, Lebanon and ltaly, the Rector of the European University of the Job (Bruxelles) and the Deputy Director of the culture (UNESCO), Prof. Mohamed Aziza founded the “Community of Mediterranean Universities” (CMU) approving unanimously the related statute.

Who we are

The CMU is a non-profit association; there are currently 160 associated Universities from 20 countries of the Mediterranean.

Our mission

The CMU is deeply convinced that the culture, as a public good, can and will have a relevant role in the sustainable development of the Mediterranean as well as in other regions since the cultural, political and economic behaviours are mutually supportive and contribute to a peaceful surrounding.

CMU Headquarters in Bari

From Greek Βάριον – Bárion, Latin Barium is the charming capital city of Apulia, a region in southern-east Italy bordering the Adriatic Sea. 

Always considered to be the Italian gateway to the East (the Levant), Bari serves as an ideal bridge between Western and Eastern cultures.

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