Future began in 1983

The first article of the Statute of Community of Mediterranean Universities (CMU) states:

“The CMU, upholding the freedom of science and in order to contribute to peace”.

These above-mentioned aims are still the main concern for CMU.


160 associated Universities from 20 countries of the Mediterranean are creating and sharing value in our Community right now.

Join us in shaping the future!

Be a part of a community distributed across twenty countries.

Meet the council

The representatives of the Mediterranean Universities in the Council are elected every four years by each single national goup of the adhering universities 

Our Projects

Peace Tree initiative

in collaboration with the Apulian Academy of Sciences. Hiroshima Peace Trees are 170 «A-Bombed Trees», called in japanese «Hibakujumoku», also said «survivor trees» whose

Collaboration CMU/Mediterranean City of Science

CMU Spin-off http://www.cittadellamediterraneascienza.it/

We are learning by doing

Projects, meetings and workshops are ways to interact and contribute to peace


Stay Updated

Thank you for participating in the 15th edition of the conference, ICERI2022!We hope that you were able to learn about a range of perspectives and gain an

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